About Us

What is ASILI?

ASILI is a brand that promotes Africa in a positive light. For far too long, the popular narrative around the motherland has not been a favourable one. We plan to change that. The word "ASILI" means "Origin" in Swahili, one of the most commonly spoken languages on the African continent. It serves as a a reminder that we all originated from the same place - Africa - and so have a collective responsibility to represent her in the best way possible.

 What is the vision? 

The perception of Africa is changing for the good and we want to play our part in that story. Africa is not a country. It's a diverse continent with 54 unique countries, each one rich in culture and history. Asili plans to redress the balance and promote the good from the continent, its culture, vibrancy and positive vibe. We aim to support and collaborate with brands and organisations who share the same perspective and are equally as passionate about changing the narrative for the better.


From left to right (or top to bottom if you're on a mobile) Chima Udeh, a British Nigerian residing in Tokyo, Japan. Rex Osafo-Asare a British Ghanaian residing in London, UK. and Wasim Akande, a British Nigerian residing in London, UK. 

For more info, please email us at:  hello@asiliclothing.com